Tories’ manifesto ‘recipe for higher energy bills’

The pledges made by the Conservative Party on energy could lead to higher energy bills.

That’s the view of environmental group Greenpeace, which claims scrapping support for onshore wind will lead to investment in more expensive sources of green energy.

Doug Parr, Greenpeace UK’s Chief Scientist said: “The Tory manifesto pledge on energy is a recipe for higher consumer bills. Onshore wind is the cheapest form of low-carbon power. Stopping it whilst also committing to cutting carbon emissions only means we’ll have to invest in more expensive sources of clean energy, driving up bills.

“The Tories’ double standards and ideological bias are embarrassingly obvious. They’ll champion localism when it comes to wind farms but they’ll run roughshod over local people’s concerns when it’s about fracking.”

RenewableUK also slammed the party’s manifesto.

Deputy Chief Executive Maf Smith said: “The Conservatives’ manifesto spectacularly fails to recognise the high level of support among ordinary voters for onshore wind, which stays consistently at two-thirds of the British public.

“The Tories have also failed to acknowledge the significant contribution that onshore and offshore wind make to the UK’s electricity mix – currently around 10% of the UK’s entire energy needs and growing rapidly year on year.”

He added: “Onshore wind is one of the cheapest of all sources of energy, so by turning their backs on it, the Tories are proposing to deprive voters of one of the most effective means of keeping all our electricity bills down. So when the Tories claim in their manifesto they intend to cut carbon emissions as cost-effectively as possible they’re being breathtakingly illogical and therefore idiotic.”The pledges made by the Conservative Party on energy could lead to higher energy bills.

The Conservative Party also vowed to contine supporting shale gas exploration while securing “clean but affordable” energy supplies for future generations.

Read the full manifesto here.

The Labour Party launched its manifesto yesterday, which includes pledges to get tough on energy companies and tackle climate change.


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