The fan that will get heat out of the tightest of corners! The fan that will get heat out of the tightest of corners!

Mat Look found himself in the not so enviable situation of having a log burner shoe horned into an old stone fire hearth. Idyllic to look at but the heat from the stove tended to sit in the pocket of the old chimney breast chamber to only roll out and rise to the ceiling leaving the rest of the room distinctly chilly and cold. Ahh thought Mat a stove top fan would alleviate the problem.

Not only with a stove top fan could he potentially save 15% in fuel Stove Fan 1costs but he would gain maximum heat benefit from the fuel burnt with the fan pushing the warm air to the colder recesses and corners of the room where hot and cold spots would soon be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately the solution was not that simple Mat soon found it was nigh on, no impossible to purchase a stove top fan that would sit in the tight space his stove had been installed into. Not to be deterred Mat decided if he couldn’t buy one he would make his own. After many hours researching the properties of the Seebeck Effect, TEG modules and the aero dynamics of fan blades a journey that eventually led to a research grant and access to the resources of Nottingham University ‘s Environmental  Technology Centre. Mat was able to cobble together the first prototypes of his small and compact stove top fans.

After much technical and aesthetic refinement Mat is now the artisan Stove Fan 2manufacturer of a wholly British made Stove Top Fan-C and the slightly larger Stove Top Fan CE.  Not only are Mats’ fans small enough to sit on the top of the tightest of recessed stove installations but as the cooling fins are made of the more heat conductive copper rather than aluminium usually used, it is not necessary to situate the fans at the back of the stove as with many of their larger counterparts.

So if you are looking for a stove top fan to fit into a tight spot, or an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing stove top fan that is artisan made rather than mass produced visit Mat’s webpage or alternatively and well worth a visit where you find Mat’s stove top fans amongst other craft and artisan produced goods and products from the Peak District.


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