The Past, Present and Future of Hetas

HETAS the Heating Equipment and Approval Scheme instantly recognised by its  yellow, orange and red three tick logo tasks itself to promote the safe use and effective use of solid fuel, biomass and other associated technologies. Its past rooted in the coal fuel industry its future firmly planted in the cleaner wood fuelled, biomass and new greener technologies sets its self the following six defined goals.

  • Promote and monitor continuous improvement in the safe installation and use of solid fuel appliances, systems, chimneys and flues, and in their maintenance

  • Encourage continual improvement of products and promote high standard of quality, design, safety and efficiency

  • Lead the industry in updating and maintaining uniform standards of education and training at all levels to ensure safe and efficient installation and utilisation of solid fuels, systems and appliances

HETAS delivers on these three objectives by:

  • Working with stakeholders to promote to the wider industry and its customers the mean & benefits of achieving the safe and efficient use of solid fuels, the raising of standards and encouraging the provision of advice and guidance to solid fuel users

  • Influences legislation, regulations and policies at national and international levels, that affect the use   of solid fuel and solid fuel appliances, system and related products and services

  • Ensuring that HETAS is seen as offering an understandable and secure route through safety standards and relevant regulation in support of our organisational purpose













HETAS in its role to fulfil its defined objectives covers every aspect of the industry from the consumer, the installer right the way through to the manufacturer and service provider. They seek to fulfil their declared obligations through the provision of a consumer and installer and service provider orientated website where consumers can find advice sheets, search facility for HETAS approved installers, sweeps, retailers and products approved by HETAS.

This is all reinforced and underpinned by the considerable work HETAS has invested in its brand recognition and its association with high standards, quality, and the regulation of service provision.
Aimed at the installer the on-line HETAS shop was launched. Over 50% of HETAS registered  installers have to date used this service.

HETAS also via its website offers the general public and heating professional a  more technical support network. HETAS further promotes itself to the public and industry through the use of social media, exhibitions and road shows.

HETAS has over 3,200 registered businesses under its Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) in England alone. These include installers, the Micro generation Certificate Scheme, Chimney Sweeps and its newly introduced plumbing scheme.  There are over 150 HETAS approved retail outlets all governed by HETAS’ high standards of service provision. The high standard of service provision HETAS registration carries whether it be installers, sweeps, and fuel or retail outlets is founded upon the bedrock of HETAS’ training schemes.

HETAS offers a range of eight training schemes covering stoves, chimneys, boilers and biomass appliances including both wet and dry appliances. There are over twenty HETAS approved training centres around the UK with the number is expanding all the time in response to both the growth within the industry and the increasing recognition of the HETAS brand as representing the benchmark of the industry. In 2014 alone HETAS received in the region of 130,000 self-notification notices of installations a 20% increase over the previous years.

HETAS offers two product approval schemes for the consumer HETAS and the Microgeneration Certification scheme (MCS). All products must meet all the relevant UK standards before being awarded the HETAS mark and guarantees to the consumer and the installer alike that such products are both safe and efficient.

Hetas Logo

There are over 1000 approved HETAS products covering appliances burning mineral fuels and biomass fuels. HETAS is a UKAS accredited Certification body for certifying biomass appliances for MCS underpinning the RHI scheme.  HETAS launched the UK’s first quality scheme for solid fuel and biomass fuels including logs, chips, briquettes and pellets and now operated by Woodsure with certification through HETAS. There are now over 60 companies approved through HETAS with Woodsure + or ENplus status. HETAS is the UK‘s certification body for ENplus approved by the European Pellet Council. ENplus is the standard adopted European wide for solid biofuels (EN14961-2).

HETAS seeks to successfully fulfil its obligation to the consumer, the service provider, the manufacturer and retailer at every level by adopting an all-encompassing approach in its strivings to both protect and drive forward standards within the solid fuel and biomass sector of the fireplace industry.


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