Is the Future Electric?

With further investment from Government to promote the decarbonisation of the UK and ongoing national campaigns to tackle the ongoing  increasingly prominent issue of fuel poverty, more and more homeowners are becoming savvy to benefits of energy efficient and low emission electric heating solutions. Here, John-Paul Bailey, senior product marketing manager at Newey & Eyre, considers why the future really is electric.

The fuel poverty issue is still escalating. According to a recent report by Which, consumers are now paying an average of £410 more a year for energy compared with a decade ago, despite using significantly less.1 The result is a startling increase in the number of families living in fuel poverty; the figure currently stands at 2.3m, 1.1 million of which are working families.2 Earlier this year, the Government set out its new fuel poverty strategy, ‘The Cost of keeping warm,’ which outlines the target to ensure that as many fuel poor homes as is reasonably practicable achieve a minimum energy efficiency rating of Band C, by 2030. This is great news for those households struggling to meet the cost of keeping their homes sufficiently heated during the winter, and will ultimately open up a huge segment of the industry to energy efficient solutions.

The electric heater will have an integral part to play in this. Although electric heating solutions have been previously  seen as the poor neighbour of gas heating systems, the reality is that today’s modern models offer a viable, energy efficient heating option that shouldn’t solely be confined to households off mains gas. Today’s incredibly advanced options are smarter than their forerunners; being essentially 100 per cent efficient, utilising every kW of electricity consumed to produce heat. Plus, they offer homeowners the flexibility to control and monitor their energy usage room by room with inbuilt controls, aligning the devices with the latest move towards ‘smart’ home technology.

An example of this new breed of advanced electric heater is the new Newlec energy efficient storage heater.  Designed for users looking to slash their electricity usage while continuing to enjoy the benefit of off-peak electricity tariffs and 24/7 comfort, this new exceptionally efficient heating system, quite simply, takes full control of the user’s electricity consumption.

The heater features an advanced electronic management module which monitors the room temperature and energy consumption constantly, and will automatically adjust the charging and consumption during the off peak period to meet the needs required by the user. It will even delay charging; whereby if less than maximum charge is required, the heart will start the charging as late as possible in the off-peak period.

In this way the Newlec energy efficient storage heater guarantees optimised heat management; ensuring continuous comfort around the clock, even when the outside temperature changes, all the while using as little consumption as possible. The result is up to a huge 30% energy saving when compared to more traditional manual storage heaters.
Energy efficiencies are then increased even further if Newlec electric radiators, as opposed to panel convectors, are used in other rooms where more occasional heat is required.

Newlec electric radiators have very sophisticated controls which often control the required temperature within +/- 0.1°c or less as opposed to +/- 2.0°c with many traditional panel convectors. This means fluctuations in the room temperature are avoided along with the associated large burst of energy required to get the room back up to the desired temperature. Electric radiators are also designed to store the heat generated more effectively and disperse that heat more efficiently into the room. This all adds up to as much as 40% energy savings compared to an equivalent panel convector heater.

And it’s not just their impressive energy saving credentials that make Newlec electric heating solutions increasingly attractive to homeowners. Alongside efficiency, electric heating systems require no pipe work, making them easier to install, and offer a versatile solution that can be placed in even the most awkward places around the home.  This absence of pipework and indeed any moving parts also means they do not require regular maintenance or annual services, reducing the overall lifetime cost of heating even further when compared to its gas counterparts.

Amid the crippling cost of energy, it is vital that we think outside the The future is electricbox and recognise that traditional heating solutions, such as gas fires, aren’t an option for all. Therefore it is imperative that installers understand all of the options that are available, so that their customers are getting the best product possible.  A prime choice is the electric heater, with benefits that include high-efficiency, low-maintenance, and flexible smart controls helping homeowners to make huge savings on their heating bills. Surely then, when it comes to the future of heating – it’s time to think electric?

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