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After a productive day spent at the NACS exhibition and an interesting chat with Matthew of bring you news of another innovative product. At a time when fuel costs gas, oil and electricity compete in putting up prices we are all looking for alternatives in our heating. There has been a boom in wood burning and multi fuel stoves as these prove to be effective alternatives particularly for those people with easy access to wood.

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However stoves come with their own anomalies which can depend on a number of factors, the stove you choose, chimney, flue, architecture, surrounding area and atmospheric pressure. Any one of these can affect your wood burning experience in a detrimental way. In 2011 we introduced the FlueCube as a solution to these issues. Which include downdraft problems, smoke, stove in ability to light or reach its optimum efficiency?

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The FlueCube was invented in New Zealand by Neville D’Herville. Neville, an engineer and inventor for some 50 years, looked to solve the problem of wood smoke from stoves that would lie in the valley of his home town Nelson and other towns in New Zealand. It proved to be a success. He patented the Flue Cube worldwide and asked his family in the UK to launch the FlueCube in Europe.

Reduction of smoke (black carbon) is an important issue but we also recognised that the FlueCube’s other benefits of achieving more heat from your wood and your wood pile lasting longer and overall making wood stoves more efficient would be a real benefit. The FlueCube is manufactured in Devon by one of the UK’s best flue manufacture SFL.

We wanted to be clear and transparent with regard to the effectiveness of the FlueCube. We went to BSRIA who tested it to conform to British Safety Standards.BS715:1993 & BSEN 1856-1:2005.Colorado State University to test for a decrease in particulate matter. But now after 2 years we have hundreds of happy customers and all our sales have come through word and mouth. 

So if you want the most efficient output from you stove get yourself a FlueCube. So much more than just a cowl. Contact direct or have chat with one of your local merchant retailers, chimney sweeps or solid fuel installers found through local search facilities  

Follow the knowledge hub link for more information regarding chimneys and the issues highlighted above or click on one of the interactive logos below and select a service.       


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