Stove Glass cleaning has never been so easy!

Stove Glass cleaning has never been so easy! Well that's the feedback SKAN are getting about the SCHOTT Atmosfire® Dry Wiper stove glass cleaner.

This innovative cleaning product from the international technology group SCHOTT and distributed by SKAN here in the UK, has seen significant sales growth over recent years. With it's ideal "counter-top" / discretionary spend-appeal, the product fits well with most wholesale/retail environments and almost sells itself.

The Atmosfire® Dry Wiper has a unique composite "flame" design, a specially developed active stove glass cleaning surface which is backed-up by an ergonomically designed red foam "easy-grip" body, which ensures ease of use.

The Atmosfire® Dry Wiper operates dry, without the need for water or cleaning agents. This makes the process of cleaning both quick and simple, compared with other more messy wet-cleaning regimes. The SCHOTT Instructional Video shows you just how simple this all is: -

The Atmosfire® Dry Wiper has been rigorously tested and approved for use by SCHOTT, who are the leading manufacture of the highly acclaimed transparent glass- ceramic ROBAX®. The active cleaning surface of the Atmosfire® Dry Wiper has been specially designed in conjunction with SCHOTT's own technical laboratories, to ensure a scratch-free finish to your stove glass, even after multiple cleaning operations.

Together, SCHOTT, SKAN and our wholesale partners have established the UK market for this product, and have reached a point where end-customer's are now asking for Atmosfire® Dry Wiper by name! So to find out more about Atmosfire® Dry Wiper and how this CHTT product can improve your sales too, please contact the sales team at


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