Reasons to Invest in a Gas Fire...

Gas fires can be incredibly efficient when compared to other heating methods in aCharlton & Jenrick Infinity Reasons to invest home.

An open fire can have an efficiently of 25% or less. This means only 25% of the heat the fire produces goes towards warming the room. Glass fronted Gas fires in the Charlton & Jenrick range start from an efficiency of 77% all the way up to 90%+.

Below are a number of reasons to invest in a new gas fire.

Gas Fires are Environmentally Friendly. Gas fires are environmentally friendly. There are few emissions when you use gas compared to other options.

No Chimney – No Problem! – Gas fires can be vented in a range of ways, with a balanced flue gas fire for example, you are able to have a fire behind a glass window. A balanced flue features a twin wall pipe to feed air into the fire with one of the pipes, and via the use of the other pipe, the gases can escape into the outside environment. (Find out which fire is right for your chimney with this Quick Guide to Buying a Fire and Chimney and Flue Types)

Simple & Convenient to Use – A gas fire is simple and convenient to use. A wood burning stove by comparison although gives wonderful heat and looks great require more time to set up and generally maintain. The advancements in gas fire design have also made them much easier to light and get started compared to some gas fires of the past. Many of our gas fires are also remote controlled, making it extremely easy if you find lower level movement an issue.

They Look Amazing – Like with a wood-burning stove, a gas fire can make a room look amazing, warm, inviting and a real talking point for visitors. The various designs can offer the ultimate look regardless of the type of home or size of room you have.

Secondary Heating – Secondary heating is a key benefit associated with a gas fire. Secondary heating is the heating that is, as you can guess, secondary to a homes main source of heating. Cost savings can be made by only heating one room with your gas fire, and should there be a power-cut, a gas fire with a battery-operated ignition will still work. So a gas fire used as a secondary heating source for a money saving and/or safety backup perspective makes perfect sense.

Reasons to invest in a gas fireIncreasing Value and Desirability – You can increase the value and desirability of your home with a gas fire. Exact value
increase will be based on a range of elements such as the value of your home, weather or not a gas fire was originally fitted, the age of your house etc. The desirability will also increase, which could help make your home not only sell for more, but sell quicker too.

Lower Heating Costs – This is especially true if you are using your gas fire for secondary heating, and only heating the room you happen to be in. Furthermore the high efficiency of gas fires in the Charlton & Jenrick range means you can achieve a greater heat with less gas!

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