Not Enough Hours in the Day…

Well just a short one from me this month as it seems that there is just not enough hours in the day to get everything I need to done, let alone things I would actually like to do!

Not Enough Hours In The Day 1A statement I am sure that is echoed across the industry as we are well in the swing of ‘our’ time of year. People certainly now have their fires on their mind, so Chimney Sweeps, fuel suppliers, installers and appliance engineers are very much in high demand.

The Katie Sweep team are doing a wonderful job of dealing with the high demand, our super receptionist lady Danielle reported back to me a few weeks ago that she had received over 250 phone calls so far that week…and it was only Tuesday! We are now almost fully booked for the remaining year and now taking bookings for the last few remaining weeks in December.

Although wonderful to be so busy it is also a real shame as we lose out on some sweeps as some people just cannot wait or are not willing to wait that long. We also discover some people... not all, just some can be extremely rude (very unnecessary) with comments like ‘well that’s just ridiculous’ ‘are you sure?’ and ‘what goods that to anyone’ and so on! Danielle is obviously very professional and remains polite and calm…whilst still on the phone.

We ideally at this time of year need a team of 10 super ladies sweeps to deal with such high demand but alas the demand is not there as a constant through the year to support so many jobs. We are however putting together a New Year plan to contact all our existing customers as we head in to spring and try get them pre-booked over the spring/summer to try and alleviate some of the pressure and spread the load, helping to make room for new customers without upsetting the regular ones when they can’t get booked in. So who knows in the future 10 super lady sweeps may become a reality.

So to summarise the goings on at the moment…   non-stop phone calls and Not Enough Hours In The Day 2emails, Some fantastic reviews (very well done ladies), Large industrial biomass, some serious millage, a little purchase from Rodtech, Carbon monoxide alarms, Business meetings … and my little boys Christening to add to the mix.

Few, exhausting just thinking about it. I am sure between now and then I will have found or made some time to tell you all about our exciting new ventures in the never dull profession of chimney sweeping.


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