New app to help create a low energy future for Glasgow

Future City Glasgow launches app to allow residents to benchmark their energy performance. The Glasgow Energy app will allow businesses and householders to benchmark their energy performance against similar properties.  Occupants can input information about the type of building they live in, the types of energy they use and their energy consumption.  Under-performing properties will have access to advice on how they can cut their energy consumption and details on available grants and support to enable this.

A core component of the Future City Glasgow project, the app will support Glasgow’s vision to provide access to affordable energy, cut carbon emissions and provide secure sustainable energy supplies.  The data generated from the app will provide a very detailed picture of energy usage in the city by property type and location.

This data will be used to populate a 3D energy model of the city that will be used to target areas that will benefit most from low carbon technologies such as district heating and solar panels.

The city is actively developing its sustainable energy mix.  A new energy services company is developing new district heating projects building on the success of the Commonwealth Games New app to create a low energy futureAthletes Village.  The city is actively scoping vacant and derelict sites that would be suitable for mini solar farms and wind turbines.

The app has been developed by Glasgow-based Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) who are experts in 3D simulation technologies.

Don McLean, IES Founder and Managing Director, said: "For cities to manage an ever-increasing influx of people they must become smarter, more energy efficient and sustainable. Working with Future City Glasgow has allowed us to apply our unique technology to help the city manage its energy consumption and integrate renewables”.


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