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At we are never disappointed and always amazed by the best traditions of British ingenuity and invention which provided the very bedrock of the Industrial Revolution and are still very much alive and kicking in the Midlands. After meeting and speaking to Microtex‘s blog-firemizer-firemizer logoNon executive Director Stephen Lightfoot  at their stand at the Hearth and Home Show in Harrogate are again happy to assist in the promotion of a multi award winning innovation to the hearth and home industry.


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Microtex Products Ltd has perfected an inexpensive and simple to use product designed to improve the performance of solid fuel fires and stoves. The Nottingham based company by using their extremely specialised knowledge of high tolerance metals and their equally inimitable set of skills honed from working on a diverse range of projects including the NASA Space Shuttle and the exhaust systems of top end sports cars have developed and bought to the fireplace market the Firemizer. The Firemizer is a unique solid fuel saving device that is easy to use and proven by independent tests by non-other than the world renowned and prestigious Cambridge University along with the University of Nottingham and Kiwa GASTEC to reduce fuel usage by as much as 33%. The Firemizer also lessens the production of Creosote by up to 57%. Fundamentally the Firemizer works by restricting the airflow through the fire and by conduction creating a more even burn across and through the fuel bed ensuring all of the fuel whether solid fuel or wood fuel is more efficiently burnt.

Table 1:  Fuel Burn Rates With and Without Firemizer and Associated Temperature Drop

Blog-firemizer-table 1 fuel savings


“Burn Rate Performance of Solid Fuels using FuelMiser" by SK Lam & TW Clyne,University of Cambridge.  This data was generated using a Portway Stove (Model PN2MFC) which was placed on an insulated mass-balance meter (Model Sartorius Combics 1). A thermocouple was positioned in the centre of the burning fire to monitor the temperature.

The Firemizer works on three fronts. First it reduces the airflow through the fire or stove prolonging the burn rate. Secondly it conducts heat evenly across the fire so the fire burns more consistently across the fuel bed and finally it prevents small fuel fragments and the ember heart of the fire from falling through the grate into the ash pan. As Table 1 demonstrates fuel saving in the region of 33.6% with wood and 31.9% with coal can be obtained with a single figures drop in temperature which in practical terms is unperceivable to the user.  

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The firemizer is manufactured by using a patented process which displaces a molten stainless steel alloy heated to temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees Celsius in to a fast spinning pre-cooled rotating drum to produce a highly conductive and durable metal fibre. These metal fibres are then welded together to produce a flexible and robust heat grid that can easily withstand the heat of a domestic fire which is placed into the grate or fire box of a fire or stove before the fire is lit.  

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In addition to the significant savings on fuel the added benefits of using a Firemizer include the fire is easier to light, all the fuel is kept lit throughout the burn, the fire requires less re-fuelling and stoking, and the Firemizer reduces the amount of soot in the chimney and helps reduce soot building up on the stove’s glass windows and doors.   

Table 2: Hydrocarbon Emissions With and Without Firemizer at High and Low Stove Settings

blog-firemizer-hydrocarbons table

"Comparative Tests on Performance of Woodmiser when burning Wood Logs in a Roomheater" by J Tucker and approved by AJ Pittaway, Kiwa GASTEC at CRE, This data was generated using a Portway No. 2 stove which was placed on a platform scale with a standardized (largely insulated) flue section with sampling points for measurement of flue gas temperature and flue gas composition

Last but by no means least by using a Firemizer you will be helping the environment by significantly reducing the consumption of finite fossil fuels and by reducing carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions (see Table 2). It is estimated that if every coal fuelled fire in the UK alone used a Firemizer this would result in a 540,000 tonne reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.        

The appeal of the Firemizer lies in its fuel saving capability, its simplicity of use, its affordability, and its benefits to the environment.


by Phil Cleaver


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