NACS Extends a Huge Welcome to Rodtech UK Ltd at NACS Exhibition. at NACS exhibition: exclusive interview with Tony Russell sales director of Rodtech UK Ltd announcing NACS endorsement of their power sweeping system. held an exclusive interview at this year’s NACS show with Rodtech UK Ltd sales director Tony Russell where he proudly announced NACS endorsement of their power sweeping systems.

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NACS after months of working in close association with Rodtech UK Ltd and thoroughly testing Rodtech UK Ltd power sweeping suites which has included NACS directors enrolling and completing Rodtech UK’s training courses has resulted in NACS to  agreeing to become an official agent for Rodtech UK Ltd power sweeping system.  Tony was very pleased to announce to that the Rodtech UK Ltd power sweeping system is the only system to carry this much prized and sought after NACS endorsement.    

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Tony went on to say that the Rodtech power sweeping system was born from the family’s extensive knowledge of flue systems and experience of what happens within chimneys and flues gained as working chimney sweeps.  As a result Rodtech UK’s power sweeping system is suitable to be used on all types of chimneys, flues, and liners. With the exception of the aluminium solid rods and liner breaking rods all of Rodtech’s power sweeping rods come with brass rather than the old style button lock zinc plated steel ferrules. This helps combat the corrosion and cold weld issues associated with the production of sulphur exacerbated further by the burning of smokeless fuels. The rod themselves are solid rods rather than hollow rods and the ferrules are fixed to the rod using an alternative method to pinning through the rod which by definition inherently weakens the rod.

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Rodtech UK Ltd has made major headway in conquering foreign markets including Scandinavia, Europe and Eastern Europe with their product being introduced as far afield as Israel, Turkey,   Albania, and the USA.  Tony informs us that particularly in the Scandinavian countries Rodtech UK Ltd power sweeping systems have bought about a cultural change breaking the tradition of ‘top down’ sweeping and that in a much more highly regulated industry certain districts sweeps are forbidden to use any other system than Rodtech’s.   The majority of sweeps all except the diehards, around 95% of sweeps now power and ‘bottom sweep’.  The impact of this provides a safer sweeping environment for the sweeps to work in, prolongs the sweeping season and in Tony’s words “there are a lot of happy people out there”. 

Tony assigns their success down to the simplicity of the system itself and highlighted as amongst the major advantages that sweeping with a power system eradicates the necessity of physical strength and the pure grunt factor often associated with manual sweeping. This loss of reliance upon   physical strength opens up the sweep marketplace to women who are able to fill a niche market with their ability to put female customers at greater ease.  The use of power sweeping allows a sweep to sweep a chimney more efficiently and quicker allowing a sweep to complete more jobs in a day. This increase in the speed of sweeping a chimney as Tony pointed out is critical in an industry where two-thirds of the income is possibly generated in the explosive period between September and December.      


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