LPG installer incentive scheme

Become a member of the Calor Installer Incentive Scheme and not only will you benefit from working with the largest and most experienced LPG company in the UK, but you’ll also be eligible to earn rewards. We offer cash or reward points for every domestic or commercial customer that you recommend who then opens a new LPG account with us.

How to start collecting rewards:
Sign up to the Calor Installer Scheme then simply recommend Calor LPG to an existing non-LPG customer.
You then just need to pass the lead to Calor with the consent of the customer, and if the new LPG installation is successful, we will send you your cash incentive, or will reward you with equivalent points to spend on a range of items.

Local Support
As a member of the Calor Installer scheme you can also benefit from the local support we offer. When you become a member we will put you in direct contact with your local Calor LPG representative who will recommend your services to our customers and keep you informed about our current LPG offers and promotions. They will also invite you to participate in any networking or training events in your area.

Joining the LPG Installer Scheme

For more information on the Calor installer incentive scheme or to sign up and receive your welcome pack, please call 0800 181 4529 or complete our online registration form.

LPG Installer incentive scheme


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