Julia Smith: How to Plan a Successful Sales Campaign in 6 Easy Steps…

There are certain steps when you begin any sales campaign  it’s a good idea to follow Julia Smith Fireplace.co.uk: Business Strategistto ensure success.  It’s tempting to buy a list of companies and email addresses, write your email and hit send!  But in reality it’s unlikely this will provide the best return on your investment. The old adage, you reap what you sow, is true.  The more time, energy, thought and preparation you put into your campaign the better your results will be. Yes, it’s time up front, but this is your investment in a longer term sales pipeline. So here are our steps to planning a great campaign, whether it’s telesales, telemarketing, email marketing or any marketing! (also check out my previous diary entry, Can people be taught the art of sales?)

1.Decide who your target market is, what sort of companies do you want to target? Think business types, turnover, geographical location.

2.Buy or research and create a list of these companies. You can buy great data from various companies, or you can use LinkedIn to create very targeted and specific lists.

3.Find out who the decision makers are. You need to make telephone calls to do this – in our world, this is called data cleansing or cleaning. You’re preparing your list now by obtaining the correct decision maker names for your product or service, and ideally email addresses.

How to plan a successful sales campaign4.How will you reach out to these people? Plan and design your campaign carefully.  You may want to include a number of “touches” or points of communication, from emails, to postcards, newsletters and helpful tips, in and around telephone calls.  Think about building up a relationship and building up their understanding of how you can help them.  If your product or service typically has a long sales cycle, or is complex, you may wish to run webinars or events to engage your prospects.  There’s no right or wrong way of operating your campaign, test and measure what works, and tweak it until you get it right! Do not be tempted to SELL SELL SELL in your communications, think helping and getting to know.

5.Make sure your systems (CRM or otherwise) are set up to allow you to follow up, and manage the whole process effectively.

6.Make your telephone calls effective……now that’s a whole other blog….coming soon!

Sales is not an exact science, and there is no one right way to operate your campaigns, however planning is essential for success. Here’s to yours!

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