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CO-Awareness is a registered charity that supports the many victims of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, their families and friends.

We campaign for changes in the legislation covering the manufacture, installation and servicing of appliances and lobby the Government and Industry to improve safety and raise awareness. We are also calling upon industry and Government to carry out further research into the long term health consequences of exposure to carbon monoxide.

We, along with many of the victims we support believe exposure to CO to be grossly under reported, possibly affecting millions of people in this country each year. Almost all of the victims are completely unaware that they have and are being poisoned every day.

They and their doctors are completely unaware that their illnesses are probably due to exposure to carbon monoxide.- See more at:

As for me, my brain doesn't work the same as it did before I was poisoned and I believe my short term memory is getting much worse. I am  also the founder of National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week
The donations generously given  through “everyclick” is what we have been forced to survive on since we lost our Dept of Health funding in 2009: I  cannot thank Glen and his excellent team at the Chimney Sweep Academy and enough for help in kick starting off the donations recently and pushing to raise awareness.

The Gas Industry appear to support others but then they were not poisoned by carbon monoxide for over a decade while having their gas appliances serviced every year like I did. For the last 27+ years I have been forced to deal with carbon monoxide. Yet we have so many so called Gas experts thinking they know more than I about the way carbon monoxide affects people. They really have no Idea of the way this poison affects our bodies. I am still struggling to get our "Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3" teachers lessons into schools.Important message to the industry It's unbelievable because I believe children in schools have been affected by carbon monoxide I have families asking me all the time for help. You may also know why getting teachers giving lessons are so important to me. My son suffered all the way though his school life because of Carbon Monoxide. He wasn't given the support he should of because the school SENCO had no idea of what carbon monoxide could really do. I believe carbon monoxide incidents are rising faster than anyone in industry realises. Those being chronically exposed to carbon monoxide may not know for years what's been making them so ill, just like we didn't. Poverty is going to have a bigger part to play in the battle against carbon monoxide.

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