Ideas on How to Summer Dress Your Fireplace Ideas on How to Summer Dress Your Fireplace

Now summer is here what exactly do you do with the fireplace. Part of the attraction of owning a fireplace is the warmth and light it adds to the ambience of the room on a cold and dark winter’s evening. The charm of the fireplace and its addition to your interior design does not have to be lost or hidden away behind a fire screen or spark guard over the summer. With a little ingenuity and a spark of imagination a fireplace can be decorated in such a way that it remains an integral part of your décor and remains in its rightful place as the central focus and feature of your room and home.

Summer Fireplace CandlesFirst recommends you get your chimney cleaned and inspected by a professional chimney sweep. Winters can be severe and very hard on masonry chimneys which by their very character are always exposed to the worst of the elements and everything nature can throw at them. The constant rain and snow contracting and expanding as it thaws and freezes can permeate the mortar and the brickwork of a chimney causing it to crumble. Flashing may be damaged by high winds leading to water leaking into the loft space.   A suitably qualified sweep will also check the condition of your chimney lining which can be damaged by moisture ingress and chimney fires.  A suitably qualified that is to say a chimney sweep registered with one of the professional associations (GMSW, NACS, APICS or HETAS) will be more than happy to sweep the chimney, inspect it and report back to you any problems with your chimney they may have identified. You can find a list of chimney sweeps local to your area by using our Service Providers search facility by following the link, selecting the service required, and your postcode and fireplace co uk will do the rest.  

Secondly, if you are gong to decorate your fireplace for the summer months you want it looking its best which will mean cleaning it so it looks spick and span and at its best. You can either pay a professional to do this or do it yourself following our easy step by step guide to cleaning your fireplace.

Remove all the ashes from the hearth using a fire place shovel and hearth brush. Do make sure the ashes are cold and we recommend you wear a stout pair of gloves to protect your hands. A word of warning If you have a cast iron or Limestone  fireplace or surround do not use water on the insert or face of the fireplace. For more specialist information regarding cleaning particular fireplace and stoves and the materials they’re made of see our associated article theme in the Knowledge Hub where you will find all the information you will need.  

Once you are satisfied all the maintenance and cleaning tasks are completed and your fireplace is looking spick and span you need to create or find a decorating theme that compliments your choice of décor. You can find countless ideas in magazines and online that may provide inspiration and the image below will give you a head start.



blog-decorating summer fireplace-collage


By Phil Cleaver


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