How to Stay Warm at Home as a Senior

Older individuals are unable to regulate their body temperatures to the same degree as young adults because their responses to changes in body temperature are altered. This causes the average body temperature to drop as you age, as much as two degrees, increasing the need of assistance in staying warm whether at work or at home. Not only can this drop in body temperature lead to an increased susceptibility to various types of illnesses, it can make for an uncomfortable living situation. Staying safe and warm at home for seniors is easy to do, however, with the right heating tools in the home.

Various Ways to Heat Your Home

Solar panels are one way to ensure a home is heated efficiently while also cutting down on the impact you’re having on the environment. According to the Energy Saving Trust, installing a typical solar water-heating system costs around £3,000-£5,000, but the savings you make will be moderate enough to offset the costs of installing the panels. If a room in a house gets especially cold, you might try placing a radiator next to the bed in order to help heat the area at night.

Smart Heating Technology & Its Convenience

One way to ensure the home of a senior is heated properly is by installing a smart thermostat. These devices work by incorporating special learning algorithms in order to track and understand the habits of the people living in the home. These thermostats can be controlled from a smartphone or similar device, which is a great option for seniors who aren’t as mobile and can’t get up to change the temperature if they’re feeling cold. As well, this type of device can be turned off and on when not in the home, making it a great way to turn on the heat before arriving home, ensuring they’re receiving the proper amount of heat to stay warm and healthy.

Heating & Fire Safety Tips

There are various devices designed to keep seniors safe in the home. Ranging from medical alerts in case of a fall, railings to help stability, and other smart technologies that can help elderly people living alone, devices can be introduced into the home to work to keep seniors safe. Aside from devices that can be used, you'll also want to ensure the home itself is safe from all types of hazards. To ensure a home is safe, be mindful of the location of electrical equipment and other potential sources of fire hazards, including space heaters and fireplaces. Ensure that candles, matches and gas tanks are safely How to stay warm at home as a seniorstored away and that if you are relying on a fireplace to heat the home that it is regularly cleaned and inspected.

The Importance of Staying Warm

As seniors are unable to regulate their body temperature in a way that younger individuals can, it becomes increasingly more important to ensure they’re receiving proper heating at home to fight off any potential illnesses. The best care is a properly installed heating system and preventative safety measures, as this will ensure that they stay properly warm and toasty without having to worry about any risks their system presents.


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