Happy New Year 2016...

It may very well be 16 degrees on a wet and dull late December afternoon but I still have the kitchen range fire lit, not to keep warm, but to combat the gloom (it’s certainly is grim up north… weather-wise).

Happy New Year 2016As a Yorkshire lass I like nothing better than a good chat about the weather, and of late everyone is in agreeance that the temperature for this time of year is just odd. I even have Roses still flowering in the garden! And Yesterday I was told that we are having warmer evenings than we had this summer in July. I for one am hoping this is a temporary glitch, and as we head in to the brand new year of 2016 that a cold snap is just around the corner.

For us Sweeps it is not ideal!, if this barmy weather continues it will no doubt result in a number of our customers deciding that they haven’t really used their fires all that much over the autumn and winter months due to the warmer temperatures and so do not require our services! Certainly not good for business or the safety aspect of our work, as any sweep will say, you can never be certain what will descend down the chimney?... For all they know Santa could very well still be wedged up there!

It seems at the moment there is no escaping talks of climate change, whenever I put on the radio or catch a glimpse of the news it seems to be very much focused on global warming and how we as a planet intend on combating it.

One of the many issues attributed to climate change recently has been the terrible flooding experienced by so many in the north-west of the country, leaving many people unable to celebrate Christmas in their own homes this year.

With the earlier UN Paris talks, the media’s hot topic is our fuel’s. With plans being put in place for phasing out the use of fossil fuels in the not too distant future, and looking to renewable energy’s to keep civilization moving. Change is very much in motion, locally there has been a great deal of talk on fracking within the North York moors and it seems the public certainly have mixed views on the matter. and more recently the sad news that the last deep face mine at Kellingly, North Yorkshire has now been closed. The end of an era for the British mining industry.

So as we head in to the New Year it iseems to be ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as the old saying goes. With fossil Happy New Year 2016fuels, being phased out and gradually replaced with sustainable fuels - Yet still I am always quite surprised to hear on the news all about solar, ground source, wind power and Hydro, but never really hear any mention of biomass, yet it is certainly out there …and in need of sweeping.

These days for heating our homes wood burning stoves have become a greener and a rather more fashionable option, but a little larger and certainly a lot more technically advanced is the big brother to the wood burning stove… the Biomass boilers (mostly fueled by wood chip pellets) these are increasingly becoming common site as an alternative to the well-known fossil fuels boilers  to provide our day to day heating and hot water for not only our homes but also within business and industry throughout the  UK– fortunately for us sweep’s (with coal fires not proving so trendy of late), regular flue cleaning for all these low carbon appliances is still essential (at least annually).

With the type of appliances that we Chimney Sweeps are used to cleaning always evolving, we too must adapt to suite the change in demand for our expertise and professional services.

Very Approximate Efficiencies

So as time hurry’s on and we head in to the early, and hopefully colder, winter months of 2016 it will undoubtedly be a great deal steadier for us in our domestic work load compared to the ridiculous last few months of 2015 a.k.a “before Christmas”, this is always the case and we shall as always adjust to the slightly slower peace and onward we go…

I and all of the Katie Sweep team hope you have had a most wonderful Christmas with family and friends and are all set and are ready for the adventures that 2016 will bring. Happy New Year to all.

Just a little after note, since writing the above, York where I live and a lot of the surrounding area has been devastated by terrible flooding, I will mention a little more in next month’s instalment.

Luckily our house, although a little flooded has escaped the worst unlike so many who’s homes and businesses which were flooded on boxing day. I am sure a lot of you will have seen the awful yet amazing coverage on the news, but amongst it all it is wonderful to see how communities pull together in such times of distress and offer a helping hand to those who need it.

Let’s hope the severity of this flooding is a one off and not a sign of things to come.


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