Guidance on Chimneys for Wood Burning Appliances. Guidance on Chimneys for Wood Burning Appliances.

The growing interest in the carbon saving potential of wood burning stoves has led to a corresponding growth in the number of flue and chimney installations for wood burning appliances. Increasingly heating engineers are seeking to add the installation of wood burning stoves as one of their competences.

To help meet this need for information the BFCMA has created a new web site ( with a downloadable document giving guidance on the selection and installation on flues and chimneys.

The web site has an easy to understand overview of the different types of chimneys and flues available with links to individual BFCMA members’ web sites for a more detailed explanation of the products and how they should be used. There are also standard installations drawings showing how the different types of flues and chimneys should be installed with wood burning appliances. The regulations for wood burning and solid fuel are different to those for gas and oil appliances; as are some of the flues that can be used. So it is important that the appropriate flue or chimney is installed with an appliance.

The web site can be used as a reference site for installers and specifiers as it contains an up-to-date listing of latest flue and chimney standards. Guidance is also given on the new standard for clay chimney liners. The standard was revised in 2012 into two parts to cover liners both non-condensing and condensing appliances. People can become confused by the CE designation for stainless steel flues so there is a clear explanation of the coding system used to specify the different classes of flue.

The web site and the guide have been developed to give installers and people Visit the BFCMA website for some of the latest guidance on flues & chimneysthinking of buying a wood burning appliance a better understanding of what is involved in correctly flueing a wood burning stove. There are sections on the design, installation and maintenance of flues and chimneys. The guidance given is in line with the training given to installers by HETAS.

This is the first stage in a series of initiatives designed to provide clear information on the installation and use of chimneys and flues. Already planned for 2013 are guidance on the flueing of pellet boilers and an overview of the new UK annex to the installation standard for chimneys (BSEN15287). The publication of the guidance on the flueing of pellet boilers is timed to meet the anticipated increase in demand for pellet boilers through the Green Deal initiative. By simply registering on the BFCMA web site people can be sure of receiving these documents when they are published.

The BFCMA is the British flue and chimney manufacturers association. The Association represents the main manufacturers and sole importers of chimneys and flues in the UK. The BFCMA works closely with government departments and other organisations to provide efficient and safe chimney solutions.


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