Green heating technology left out in the cold.

Green heating technology could be left out in the cold following the Chancellor's autumn statement.

Funding for green energy schemes was one of a number of areas hit by cuts when George Osborne delivered his statement to the House of Commons last week.

"Plans to deliver measures to improve the energy efficiency of one million homes by the end of this Parliament is all well and good, but this is a marked reduction in the number of households that received support during the last Parliament, leaving millions of people still struggling to pay unnecessarily high energy bills in an attempt to heat inefficient homes.

"I would welcome any consistent policy on energy supply and energy efficiency, but despite promises to prioritise affordable energy as part of 'rebuilding Britain', there is still no clear-cut commitment from Government that sets out a workable course of action."

He continued: "We know that gas is by far the cleanest fossil fuel and is connected to a very high percentage of homes and businesses in the UK. Significant carbon and cost reductions can be made by replacing older boilers and heating controls with the latest high efficiency 'A' rated boilers and smart controls, achieving system efficiencies close to 100%. Consistent policy will help persuade people to do this.

Peter stressed that consistency is going to be key when it comes to future government policy, and he said that existing government-backed schemes can do more harm than good.

Green heating technology left out in the cold"We have had too much stop/start inconsistent policy from Government which just confuses consumers and frustrates businesses. There are some important lessons to be learned from previous initiatives. We would urge any change of course takes into consideration the particular needs of smaller businesses, enabling them to fully engage with meeting the challenges of energy demands and carbon emission reduction," he added.

"With the recent closure of so many green schemes leading to significant job losses, I think installation companies should look on the next one that comes along with caution. My advice is: participation in a Government scheme may seriously damage your wealth and your business."

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