Welcome’s NACS!

Important news from for all NACS Members and Associated Members.

All at would like to extend a warm fireside welcome to NACS who have joined  as a Premium Brand listing. In celebration we have agreed a 50% discount to all NACS registered sweeps and NACS Associated Members.

Enjoy the Marketing advantages of: Fireplace Nacs
- Promoting your business over and above your competitors within your local market area     .  

- A Premium Membership enables you to showcase your company, and services at their best to your targeted audience

- Enjoy the visual benefits your Company’s logo , contact details, and  the facility to place photos (x6).  
Further reinforce your good reputation and the quality of your merchandise and service provision by  your very own customer reviews.

- Gain a prominently placed hyper link direct to your own  website lifting your internet profile and allowing  
you to capitalise on your major investment in your  own website.   

- A Premium Member’s profile page  also provides you with a valuable backlink  to your site

A Premium Membership allows you to directly target your potential customers who are actively searching for fireplaces, products, and services in their local area and lets them know exactly where you are.  As a Premium Member benefit from a greater online presence by creating a high impact shop window linked back through to your webpage, lift your internet profile through elevating your position in the search rankings and profit from the addition of valuable backlinks.

50% discount for all NACS Members and  Associated Members on first years subscription!

- Premium Listings usually £95-00 + VAT * NACS ‘ SPECIAL DEAL* £45-00  + VAT
- Premium Brand Membership usually  £150 +VAT * NACS ‘ SPECIAL DEAL* £75-00 + VAT

Email:  or  tel:  0121 773 7312   

The offer extends to Manufacturers, Trade Associations & Brands for a Premium Brand Memberships  enjoy all the advertising benefits of with an additional 10% Members discount on all future Advertising and Media Packs.


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