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When using the prospect of installing or renovating a fireplace will not turn into a daunting or complicated task and once achieved the rewards are beyond compare. It does not require a great leap of faith, or imagination to visualise the benefits, and sheer joy of returning home on a chilly autumn, winter, or spring evening to the gentle glow, and crackling sounds of a lit fire, or stove casting, warmth and light around the heart of your home. A fire, gas, electric, solid fuel or log adds character, and ambience for you, your family, and friends to enjoy. If you are restoring, updating, or newly installing a stove or fireplace into your home, or looking for fireside accessories to grace, enhance and add atmosphere and elegance to your home, or just seeking the essential materials, and services for the care and maintenance or your fireplace, and hearth we at are dedicated to making  it a stress free and enjoyable experience for you.

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Whether you are planning to enrich an already established interior design, or trying to introduce a new look- traditional, or contemporary. At you have the choice to choose from nature’s bounty of natural materials ranging from the finest woods, stone, marbles, and slates to the finest manufactured cast iron and stainless steel fires, stoves, fireplaces, surrounds and accessories. Our comprehensive listing of knowledgeable easy to find merchants, and expertly skilled artisan craftsmen, and women will happily assist you in every step of the way by helping you to secure the fire, stove, fireplace and surrounds befitting to your home, design plans and individual lifestyle.  

Before investing your time, effort and hard earned money into your hearth, fireplace or stove there are a number of fundamental questions you will need to address. What size fire do you need? Is the fire or stove to provide a primary or secondary heat source? Do you want to run hot water system or central heating system from it? What fuel sources are available to you and which will best suit your lifestyle? Do you have a chimney? Is the chimney serviceable and suitable for your needs, there is no need to despair if the answer is no as there are plenty of balanced flue gas fires, or fluless electric, gas, and gel fire options available on the market from our listed merchant retailers for you to choose from and guaranteed to meet your desired style and heating needs.   

If you are unsure of any aspect of renovating or installing a fire, stove and fireplace within your home or at the intial stage of looking for and exploring options and ideas please visit Knowledge Hub using the logo below and use our themed comprehensive article and blogging system to raise and answer your queries and concerns. For more help and information please discuss the options available to you in conjuction with our specialist merchant retailers with one of dedicated and trusted chimney sweeps, gas, oil or solid fuel installers, and service engineers found within our Service Providers site search facilities at the top of the page who will be more happy to advise and assist you.

Locate and preview‘s specialist Merchant Retailers' Premier Showrooms by using the Find a Showroom search facility above. Just select, enter your post code, hit the search button and our dedicated Merchant Retailers or Service Providers will be more than happy to help and assist you.

Do not hesitate at any stage whether it is to discuss initial ideas to final purchase and installation, or routine maintenance and fuel delivery to contact’s committed and trusted gas, oil, electric or solid fuel installers, chimney sweeps, fuel suppliers, merchant retailers, and service engineers found within our site's search facilities above who will be more happy to advise and help you. 

Find fireplace showrooms in your local area, enter your postcode here and we'll do the rest. 


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 We hope you have found's dedicated merchant retailers both useful.  Please visit the Knowledge Hub for more information and assistance. Whatever fireplace you choose, whatever the weather, whatever the time of year, you’ll always look forward to returning home to the warm welcome of one of’s  fires.  








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