Eldfast, Revitalising National Trust Properties

The National Trust have recently taken time to consider the most suitable flue lining to use on their portfolio of properties and have chosen the Eldfast ceramic chimney lining system for their 400 year old property Packwood House.

This beautifully renovated timber framed Eldfast 1Tudor property built for John Featherstone (A barrister), had been through several owners before the Ash family took ownership and began revitalising the property in the 1930’s . The cow byre and barn were converted to a medieval style great hall which was to showcase a distinctive open fireplace.

The flue serving the great hall fireplace is 78” High x 44” wide, totalling  8m in height with a cross section varying between 15” x 18” and 15” x 15” and both narrowing and increasing in cross sectional area throughout. This made it something of a challenge to preserve the cross sectional flues area in order that the great hall fireplace will vent successfully and not spill into the Great hall.

Landyvents ceramic flue lining has the advantage, as part of its tool application system of  having a Smart Balloon former which when used allows the Eldfast ceramic chimney lining to follow the contours of the flue without restricting the gas flow area, including where the flue tightens.

Eldfast 3Eldfast proved the perfect solution to renovate and restore the great halls fireplace to working order, Its adaptability for application to a wide range of flue types makes Eldfast a perfect flue lining for specialists.

The Eldfast ceramic lining system not only retained the flue size and adapted to varying dimensions within them but also added strength to the chimney structure and has provided a totally fire proof (soot fire) lining capable of withstanding 1400ºc. Although the guarantee on this product is 25 years, Eldfast has a life expectancy of 50-60 years.

Eldfast, unlike others, replaces the original parging within the flue with a more modern acid and temperature resistant material bringing the past to the present. In this instance Eldfast has been used to avoid significantly reducing the flues cross sectional area with the whole flue lining with less than 420 kgs of ceramic lining.

Eldfast has been a market leader in performance, durability and adaptability for 15 years in the UK alone (with sale worldwide through Europe and the American continents) and offers a certificated competent person scheme for installers across the UK & Ireland.



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