Ecotricity backs 'Green Labour'

Britain’s leading green energy company, Ecotricity, is donating £250,000 to the Labour Party’s election campaign.

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “We’re putting our money where our heart is – we’ve watched the coalition government systematically undermine not just the renewable energy industry in Britain but the whole green economy. We feel compelled to act and to speak out.”

“In 2012, Britain’s green economy generated £128 billion, that was 8% of all GDP and a third of all growth in GDP that year - while the country was struggling to get out of recession.

“Almost one million people were employed in this fast growing sector, that’s about the same number that work in the finance sector now.

“That was 2012, the green economy could be an even more important part of our overall economy by now - but 2012 is the last year for which we have any data because the Conservatives scrapped the annual report. In effect censoring information about this vital part of the economy. That looks like a move driven by ideology rather than what is right for our country, and strange for a party that claims to be the party of business.

“One of the biggest deceits of this government was the claim that green energy support was at the root of high and rising energy bills – the claim behind David Cameron’s infamous let’s cut the green crap quote. The truth is that despite the recent price cuts, energy bills almost doubled in the past ten years mainly as a result of the rise in the global price of fossil fuels – not support for green energy.”

Vince said renewable energy provided 16% of Britain’s electricity last year and had the potential to power Britain four times over.

“Renewable energy can give us back our energy independence and that’s the only way to ensure energy bills are affordable in the long term – it’s about true sustainability, investing the green energy infrastructure we need here in Britain, rather than spending billions each year to burn fossil fuels.

Green Labour

“Before the last election, David Cameron promised to lead the greenest government ever – his retreat from that appears to be one of a series of moves designed to protect his party from the threat of UKIP – he’s put his party before the country not just on the issue of green business but also on Europe. It would be a disaster for Britain to leave Europe. We face not just that possibility but the consequential break up of the UK. It’s a nightmare scenario.

“This election presents a clear choice between two very different kinds of government with two different visions of Britain. The vision we support is of a green Britain with a strong green economy at the heart of Europe.”


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