Don’t miss out on added business

A survey by a plumbing and heating product manufacturer has found two thirds of installers routinely fail to   schedule a return maintenance visit. In spite of recognising post installation maintenance checks could be of substantial financial benefit to their business

PHEX, The Plumbing & Heating Exhibition

The survey sample was made up of 100 installers and plumbers at PHEX Chelsea to identify what could be done to support customer growth. The findings of the survey found that over 40% of installers fail to book customers in for a return visit, which could result in them opting for another firm or failing to carry out essential routine and safety maintenance all together.

84% of installers believed they would re-schedule customers in if they had a service available to them to remind them when maintenance and service checks were due.  Stuart Gizzi, director at Inta, said: “We know the daily grind can put paid to even the best intentions at times, but scheduling in maintenance visits is a no brainer and a really easy way to keep the cash coming in”.

Such a simple task as keeping track of when service and essential maintenance visits are due secures more business from new, existing, and loyal customers.




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