Customers with energy tariffs ending this month could face a 9% hike


Customers with energy tariffs ending this month could be hit with a 9 per cent price hike if they don’t move to a cheaper deal.

Eight energy deals are coming to an end on April 30 - and six will mean increases of around £91 a year for a typical customer. The iSupply Energy iFix tariff will jump 13 per cent from May 1, while those on the First Utility iSave Fixed v23 April 2015 tariff could see £142 added to their bill. EDF Energy and Npower also have deals ending on April 30 that are set to bring price hikes.

Meanwhile, British Gas’s Price Promise tariff customers will see their bills drop by £37.92 after the deal finishes at Will you be facing an 9% hike in your energy billsthe end of April. Jeremy Cryer, of GoCompare, says: ‘Once your fixed term ends, it’s likely you’ll see your energy bills rise, unless you take action. There are some great fixed deals on offer, and the top ten cheapest tariffs all cost less than £1,000 per annum.’

The cheapest deal around at the moment is Extra Energy’s Fresh Fixed Price Sept 2016 v1, with an average annual cost of £913.

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