Carbon Monoxide Awareness Road Show!

My name is Lynn Griffiths. I along with my family were poisoned by carbon monoxide for over a decade. I didn't want anyone to suffer the way I have from this silent killer so I did something about it. I founded "Carbon Monoxide Awareness" a registered (Northwest) charity and the National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week which I am sure you will of heard of. The charity's goals are to highlight the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (CO). My personal reasons for founding the charity can be found here:

Every year carbon monoxide claims lives from all walks of life but what most people don't know is carbon monoxide also leaves 1000's of victims with long term health problems due to low level poisoning as I  myself know only to well. My exposure to low level carbon monoxide has left me like many other victims with an acquired brain injury.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide can very easily be mistaken for illnesses such as the flu, a virus, food poisoning, hangover or even mental health problems. There are undoubtedly 1000's if not millions more instances of low level carbon monoxide poisoning which will go unrecognised for many years just like in my case. The aim of the road show is to educate, inform, provide risk assessments and where possible install a carbon monoxide alarm to protect against high level carbon monoxide poison.

Education is the only way to protect against low level carbon monoxide poisoning and this is why I am keen to have the "Carbon Monoxide Awareness Charity Roadshow" seen in every community within the Northwest.

I am sure you know:

1. The NICE 2013 guidelines on carbon monoxide poisoning emphasises that NOT finding the source of exposure does NOT exclude it !!

2. Nice guidelines suggest 3 categories for Carbon Monoxide poisoning:
A. Possible
B. Probable
C. Confirmed

3. The World Health Organisation 
recommendations advise people shouldn't be exposed to any more than just SIX PPM of Carbon Monoxide in 24-hrs.

The charity will provide (through industry related support) a roadshow which with your support will be place in prominent venues across the North West enabling us to educate the public on the following:-
Causes of Carbon Monoxide

Safe appliance use
More info re above can be found here:

We currently offer FREE carbon monoxide alarms which we install and provide plus a carbon monoxide risk assessment again free of charge. Many homeowners I believe are "property rich income poor" and therefore need our support.

I am looking for locations in which to place the unit to engage the public with. Ideally where your residents are on foot.

PLEASE help me a victim of carbon monoxide poison to prevent the nightmare my family and I suffer every day to bring our "Carbon Monoxide Roadshow to those I believe you have a duty of care to. All I ask of you is for space in a prominent location and as much publicity through whatever channels you have and Carbon Monoxide Awareness Road Show!together I believe we will prevent injury from this silent killer to those living in your community. We may even be able to help cut the cost of your annual care budget by using awareness to help prevent some of the long term health problems linked to carbon monoxide.

Remember all you need to do is provide the space and we will do the rest.

The "Carbon Monoxide Awareness Charity Roadshow" wouldn't be possible without the support of Ron Law Heating. If you live in the Northwest and can help us get a space in your town or city please contact myself Lynn Griffiths  or John Moriarty phone 01772 222000
The roadshow wouldn't of been possible without the valued support of Ian Law at Ron Law Heating of Southport and NACS 


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