Can people be taught the art of sales?

Are good sales people born to do the job, or are these skills that can be encouraged? Years agoCan people be taught the art of sales? I was speaking with someone who likened making sales calls over the telephone to standing naked in a field; not something he wanted to do in a hurry.  There are many people who undoubtedly feel the same, who are afraid to pick up the phone, and particularly so if other people are listening.  I have spoken with a few companies recently whose people display this trait and who work in open plan offices, so how can we encourage sales skill where this fear exists? 

1. Support and encourage.  There have been so many studies done by psychologists, that this one is a bit of a no brainer, and yet, so often we focus on the negatives, pick up the points that need changing, and render the recipient feeling, well, a bit rubbish.  Psychologists say that the best way for a person to reach and fulfil their highest potential, is to hold them in consistently high regard.  That means focusing on the good at all times.  May take some practice but it always gets the results.

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2. Sow seeds.  Ask your people to sow seeds, be planters and gardeners.  Make every little thing that is done a step in the

direction both you and they want to go in to develop sales. Think long term, think activity, think progress. Focus on the seeds and less on the plant.  Looking at things in this way allows some letting go, which means you can focus on the activity instead of the result - when you focus on activity you get more activity which brings more results.  Oh we do love a good paradox :)

3. Get your sales people to change focus.  Think helping, not selling.  When you focus your sales calls on helping, they become less of a sales call and more of a conversation.  When you are genuinely trying to help, you are seeking a problem the prospect has that you can solve and this is how good sales are made.  The art of helping also builds trust and rapport, and it's this that makes your sales people likeable.  Likeable is the key.  For your sales people, making calls is a lot easier and more enjoyable when they are simple conversations, the pressure is reduced and the happy factor sets in.  Making everyone more productive and effective.

4. Less is more.  Take a mindful approach.  Instead of wanting your people to steam through a list of calls, get them to slow down, be there, focusing on each call they make, focusing on each person they speak with, really listen to what is being said. It is so easy to be on a call and thinking about what comes next, what else needs to be done, whether a sale will be made, instead of really focusing on what that prospect is saying.  A mindful approach where people really, really listen, encourages the art of conversation.  It pays dividends.

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