CHP v Nuclear

For those of you unfamiliar with the abbreviation CHP it stands for Combined Heat and Power, CHP v NuclearCHP is just quicker and easier to write.

Across the globe there are many types of CHP but i am going to stick to the most prevalent versions that we have in the UK, the current fuel types and future fuel options.

Currently in the UK we use a mixture of Household Waste, Waste wood, Wood Chips and Wood Pellets as fuels for CHP as well as gas from Anaerobic  Digestors and Natural gas, all of which are far superior, in my opinion, to nuclear. Our current government are hell bent on taking this country into the new nuclear age, using untried and untested technology which the French are already having problems with. I don’t know about you but I do not want foreign companies building the next Chernobyl or Fukoshima in our backyard. I would like the country to keep our energy supplies secure not let any Tom Dick or Harry build plants here to profit from us. The companies involved will build the plants, pay for the plants and maintain the plants. Cameron ‘n’ Co shout about thousands of jobs being created, really? Do you believe that? During construction yes there will be Temporary jobs but once built those people will be made redundant. Why do foreign companies want to build nuclear here? Simply this: - Cameron has agreed a price per Mega Watt Hour that is 3 times what is currently paid. What does this mean to you and I? An electricity bill hike of 200-300%.

To me the whole plan stinks when it is well known we have viable cheap alternatives available and its time it was realised that High Energy prices COST’s jobs in all sectors but particularly in manufacturing. Our steel plants are struggling to survive now if energy goes up further they will ALL close. How prophetic as this article was written two week ago!
Do we need nuclear? The simple answer is NO, what we do need is three fold.

We need more Community Heat and Power. There are a few communities across the UK that have installed CHP using their waste card etc. and wood as fuel with the added bonus of not having to pay for their rubbish to be taken away by HUGE companies like SITA who then burn the waste and sell the energy back to us-not a bad deal- if you think about it, paid to take the rubbish away by every house then burn it to create energy to sell back to us! CCHP also means that areas with it retain their energy security.

CHP V Nuclear 2Secondly,  do any of you remember Town Gas? Under our feet is thousands of tonnes of methane-the single largest contributor to global warming-from the sewers, this used to be used for street lighting and to cook off until we all changed to natural gas back in the 1970s. This methane could easily be collected and burned to create "free" energy-only the same as farmers are using for AD, this is something that will remain free for ever unless we all stop eating!

Thirdly across Europe there are HUGE swathes of unused arable land, not good enough for growing food but good enough to grow energy crops on. We should be using this land to grow crops such as Miscanthus, Arundo Donax or the best option is Hemp (not cannabis) which all have high Calorific Values and all can be cropped three to four times a year. These crops will also give poor farmers a better income, all these energy crops can be rotated, and do not need fertilisers, insecticides or herbicides to grow well. These crops can then be used as fuel in CHP plants. This does not affect land used for food but can add nutrients to bad soil to make the land fit for growing food crops on.

Now I hope that you agree with me that there is another option other than nuclear and its one that is good for all of us and a damn site cheaper. Small domestic CHP units are starting to appear in the market place, we at Grofuel will be manufacturing and selling our own patented small CHP units from August/September, with payback in 6-12 months I’m sure our customers will be very happy, warm, in pocket, and secure in the knowledge they are contributing to a better socio-political and a more environmentally friendly world. .


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