Bio Ethanol and Gel Fires Bio Ethanol and Gel Fires

First introduced in America 20 or so years ago bio-ethanol and gel fires offerBio Ethanol & Gel Fires 1 a real alternative to a real fire and gas fires offering you the opportunity of a fire with real flames unlike the other alternative of an electric fire. They require no chimney or flue system as unlike a real or gas fire a gel fire only produces small amounts of water vapour and carbon dioxide as the waste products of combustion. A bio-ethanol or gel fires heat output is comparable with that of an electric heater or fire capable of a heat output in the region of 2.5kW to 3.5 kW (2500-3500 watts) sufficent to provide a modest level of back ground heat or in an emergency, such as power failure, a backup source of heat. Although a bioehthanol or gel fire  produces enough heat to take the chill of a room they are not designed to replace a homes primary heating system and are in the main asethetic rather than a functional sole source of heat.

Bio-ethanol and gel fires are available in three designs, free standing, wall hanging, or as a conversion kit to facilitate the easy conversion of a traditional fireplace into a clean burning bio-ethanol or gel fireplace.  Wall hanging gel fires are simply attached the wall using two to four screws or can be inserted into a recess in the wall to create a modern sleek design finish to any room . Alternatively, Freestanding fires are delivered fully assembled, and never flat packed, ready to be installed against any wall in a room instantly creating a real fireplace, with real flames, complete with a mantle and surround of your choice to complement your home and design.  Bio-ethanol and gel fire conversion kits allow the conversion of any type of traditional or modern fireplace by just Bio ethanol and gel fires 2placing the specially designed burner into the grate and dressing the fireplace as you wish.

Bio-ethanol or gel fires are either fuelled by two or three disposable gel tins or reusable fire gel reservoirs. Reusable gel reservoirs provide a more economical way of fuelling a gel fire which is re-filled using easily purchased one litre bottles of gel.  Bio-ethanol and gel fires are becoming increasingly popular both indoors and outdoors providing an easy, relatively maintenance free, and financially modest way of bringing the pleasure of a real fire to the home or outside recreational area where there is no access to a chimney or flue, or in a smokeless zone.   



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