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The automotive industry has taken the use of glass from a simple vision panel to now more a design led / functional feature.Highly curved/convex windscreen and rear glass screens providing torsional stiffness, through to coated Skan1glass roof elements (restricting heat gain), and into the realms of tinted and coloured glass, are all used today, to enhance the aesthetic, whilst utilising the engineering properties of glass to maintain the ride/dynamic of the vehicle.

Similarly designs within the consumer market with range/cookers utilising all glass fronts, TV’s are now produced “edge-to-edge” glass in flat and curved forms, and these options are now finding their way into the fireplace sector, SCHOTT ROBAX® is well known the clear glass ceramic or “stove glass” of choice by the  UK’s fires and stove OEM’s. But what isn’t so widely known is the variety of forms and shapes that ROBAX® is now available in to support and challenge our industry.

On my recent visit to the SCHOTT headquarters in Mainz, I was given access to the SCHOTT ROBAX® Innovation Centre where new ROBAX® concepts and designs are on display to capture the imagination of fires and stove manufacturers alike. The images below are just a selection of the concepts and ideas available:

Skan Concept 2Skan Concept 3 Skan Concept 4Skan Concept

The Innovation Centre is open to all of SKAN’s UK ROBAX® partners but by appointment only. Should any of these images capture your imagination, please feel free to discuss your ideas with the team here at SKAN in the UK. Having represented SCHOTT for over 60 years here in the UK, we hope to put our proven expertise at your disposal.Skan 2

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