"Feeling chilly, Ma'am?" Queen warms up the room with an electric fire

The Queen met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his first visit to Britain today but their historic meeting was somewhat overshadowed by a surprising item in Her Majesty's fireplace. There amid the splendour of the carved marble surround was a two-bar electric fire more reminiscent of Rigsby in Rising Damp and student bedsits than the royal family.

The down-to-earth implement threatened to distract entirely from the moment that Queen warms up the room with a two-bar electric fire.Canada's new leader, 43 - who has gained female fans from around thanks to his Hollywood looks  - greeted the monarch for the first time since his election.

Justin Trudeau seemed charmed by the monarch as he warmly shook her hand, placed his left hand on top and bowed his head as they greeted each other in the royal residence in London The Queen, dressed in a pastel-pink ensemble with patent black accessories, appeared oblivious to the electric fire placed in the fireplace behind her.

But admirers of the monarch will see her use of such a practical item as evidence of her down-to-earth attitude and lack of snobbery. But it seemed that soon after their greeting the fire was removed and the grate in the fireplace remained unlit.

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