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Peter Turner Biomass DiaristPeter Turner, Chairman at The Coventry Wood Pellet Co Ltd- Trading as Grofuel. I have been in the renewables industry since 2005 first selling wind turbines and then adding heat pumps, solar PV and solar hot water systems. In 2012 i moved to Spain where i was working with Orihuela University on Future Fuels, we grew 500 hectares of Arundo Donax, Hemp and Miscanthus Giganteus to see which grew best, had the best Calorific value and was easiest to harvest and process. These tests showed that Hemp was by far the best product as it added nutrients to the soil, needed not pesticides or fertilizers, was easy to harvest and the volume per hectare per annum was the highest yield. I am now back in the UK and have set up in Coventry, we are importing a range of wood pellet burners and boilers of the highest quality i have found from Italy with superb prices. We will be launching our new website in the next few weeks and will be offering excellent Trade Prices along with free training on the software to optimise performance of all our products. We will also be offering Din+/A1 wood pellets at very good discounts to the trade and the public.


Grofuel Celebrates its Open Day x75 Grofuel celebrates it Open Day

Peter Turners Grofuel celebrated their first open day on August 26th with special apperances from very own Phil Cleaver & Sweep Diarist Katie Sweep.


What are Pellets

What Are Pellets?

A phrase that is often heard around the heating and renewable technology industry. But what are "Wood Pellets? Peter Turner from Grofuel explains.


June what a scorcher biomass diarist page

June What a Scorcher…

Featured in the July 2016 newsletter. Biomass diarist Peter Turner reflects onthe issue that made June a busy month for Britain.


An English Man’s Home

An English Man’s Home Once upon a Time was His [fracking] Castle

Peter Turners June 2016 diary entry discusses the issue of fracking and argues the reasons why we should tell whitehall to "frack off"


Future FuelsFuture Fuels...

Peter Turner is back and this time talks about using variety of plants and products for the replacement of fossil fuels and wood. Find out more..


CHP V Nuclear blog image

CHP v Nuclear Biomass Diarist Peter Turner makes his debut diary entry with CHP V Nuclear. Peter argues that we should be moving away from government supported nuclear power and looking towards CHP.