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 Woodsure is a non-profit making organisation fully  endorsed by HETAS which,  has launched a new accreditation scheme for biomass wood fuel products including woodchip, pellets, briquettes, hog fuels (shred) and logs. The scheme extends beyond wood fuel quality and also offers accreditation to suppliers and producers of wood fuel who are proven to be competent in supplying high quality wood fuels in a sustainable way.  Products, producers and suppliers which carry the Woodsure accreditation logo have been tested and meet the exacting EN and Onorm standards which are the European Industries recognised standards for wood fuel production and quality and include the environmental sustainability of the fuel source.     

Woodsure producers and suppliers certification scheme operates a two tier system of accreditation. The first level, Woodsure Producer Supplier ensures all producers and suppliers have been assessed as competent producers of fuel in accordance with the EN and Onorm standards. The second level, Woodsure Plus is a more stringent level of accreditation and is certified by HETAS and involves a more in depth assessment of the producer and supplier going beyond just being a competent supplier of fuel in accordance with EN and Onorm standards in an environmentally sustainable way. The fuel producer and supplier have to be able top provide the relevant records to show details of the timber used as the fuel including the supply chain and the processing procedures. They have to be able demonstrate on the issue of environmental sustainability that not only is the wood is from a sustainable source but the carbon footprint of the supply chain, production and subsequent distribution of the product is not greater than the carbon savings made from not using solid fuels such as coal, gas and oil.   

Woodsure list amongst the benefits of accreditation for the supplier and producer to include:

  • Instant recognition of the provision of a high quality product boosting customer confidence

  • Potential increase in levels of sales in a widening and expanding market  

  • Satisfied customers through increased boiler reliability and reduced maintenance costs

  • Demonstrates good processing practices with testing to BSEN standards

  • Lower emissions through more efficient fuel combustion

  • Arbitration process if issues should arise

for Consumers:

  • Assurance you are buying the right product, the product is of high quality, improving the burn efficiency of the fuel and appliance

  • Confidence in the quality and environmental sustainability of the fuel

  • Product labelling ensures consistency across products, suppliers, and producers so comparisons can be made more easily.

  • Gives peace of mind to the consumer that the producer or supplier operates in an ethical way and constantly evaluates the production processes and quality of the fuels to the relevant standards 


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By Phil Cleaver


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