About Us

Fireplace.co.uk is where you’re certain to get Britain’s warmest welcome.

It’s the natural home of many of the leading manufacturers and retailers of fires, fireplaces and their accessories.

This is your one stop shop for the fireplace industry, which brings together the leading manufacturers and retailers of fireplaces, appliances and accessories – in fact all the information you need to make your fireplace dreams a reality!

We will only feature companies on this site with the highest reputation in the UK fires and fireplace industry. Companies with many exciting products.

We believe there are few, if any, organisations better equipped than we are to give you the:

information you need to decide what’s right for your fireplace

names and details of the leading manufacturers

names and addresses of the leading retailers in your area

details of trade organisations related to the fireplace industry

The story of fireplace.co.uk begins with Michael Stanford. Owning a successful family run fireplace manufacturing business based in the heart of Birmingham has given Mick an extensive knowledge into the fireplace Industry and it's workings. From the manufacture of fireplaces, to installation, Mick had created a reputable, well known company that provides customers all over the UK with quality products, advice and above all unmatched customer service.

The internet now provides limitless information on fireplaces, gas fitters, chimney sweeps, Hetas engineers and showrooms, although this information is all available online it is often a tedious process trawling through different websites to find it. Mick saw the need to provide potential buyers with a single web site from which they can make informed decisions on what they need from the fireplace industry, also to allow professionals within the fireplace industry a base from which to connect with their customers. Enter fireplace.co.uk.

Mick has created a one stop shop for everything to do with fireplaces. Fireplace.co.uk is for potential buyers, manufacturers, trade bodies, service professionals and showrooms alike, providing the latest industry news to related articles as well as the locations and contact details of professionals all over the UK. Fireplace.co.uk has been set up for you, whether you are buying a new fireplace or seeking to tell new potential customers about your business fireplace.co.uk has you covered.