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 it is a legal requirement that all work carried out on natural or LPG gas  appliances, maintenance, or installations must be completed  by a suitably  qualified Gas Safe registered company and engineer.  From  2009 the Gas Safe  Register replaced the previous CORGI  registration scheme and The  Gas  Safe Register is  the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on  natural and LPG gas  installations and appliances within the the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. The scheme is  administered by Capita on behalf of the Health and Safety Group. Gas Safe is committed to delivering improvements to gas safety  through raising public awareness of domestic gas safety risks and increasing public assurance of the competences of the gas engineers on the GAS Safe Register. On behalf of the gas engineers Gas Safe seeks to focus exclusively on gas safety and promote the competency of the registered engineers whilst striving to reduce registration and training fees and costs.    


New business or engineers with no previous experience or those re-entering the industry who have a history of complaints are initially registered for a probationary period. All work carried out by a probationary business, or individual engineer has to be reported to Gas Safe which, is then open for inspection by a Gas Safe inspector.  Gas Safe have their own team of inspectors who routinely inspect work carried out by Gas Safe Registered business and engineers ensuring it has been carried out safely, competently, and in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Gas Safe inspectors play a pro-active role in gas safety by undertaking risk based inspections and working closely with the Health and Safety Executive, Local Authorities and other industry regulators whilst also dealing with the complaints process and procedures.   


Gas Safe engineers carry an identification card which the consumer is encouraged to inspect before any work is carried out. The front of the card shows a photograph of the engineer, an expiry date and a registration number. The back of the card will list the areas that the engineer is qualified to work on e.g. cookers, boilers, gas fire, natural and/or LPG. For more information click here  Check  It ! 


For a comprhensive list of Gas Engineers for installations and servicing in your area please click the appropriate logo and select the service required 


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