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The Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC) formed in 1991 is the technical, registration and marketing body for the oil firing industry in the U.K and the Republic of Ireland and replaced the previous Domestic Oil Burner Equipment Testing Association.  After the loss of the Shell-mex training infrastructure in the 1970s the major oil companies and at a later date equipment manufacturers stepped into financially support OFTEC for it to develop its initial role in developing new technical standards and training manuals for the industry, and provide a new found  focus to the industry. OFTEC   its early days objectives of providing independent technical support and training to the industry  has successfully extended its role to promote and represent the oil heating and cooking industry.   

Since April 2005 it has been a legal requirement for all oil fires installations carried out under the Building Regulations in England and Wales to be reported to the Local Authority Building Control Department.  For the home owner when having work done on oil fired appliances  if the work is not completed by and OFTEC registered company or technician this can add additional costs  as the work may be subject to a building control notice and building Local Authority inspection. Work which is requires building control notification includes

  • Install an oil storage tank
  • Install oil supply pipe work
  • Install an open flue pressure jet appliance or conversion
  • Install a room sealed balanced flue pressure jet appliance
  • Install an open flue vaporising appliance or conversion
  • Install a fan assisted vaporising appliance
  • Commission a pressure jet appliance installation up to 70KW
  • Commission a pressure jet appliance installation > 70KW
  • Commission a vaporising appliance installation (Wet)
  • Commission a vaporising appliance installation (Dry)

OFTEC registered technicians and businesses are able to self-certify their work under the Government’s The Department of Communities and Local Government   Competent Persons Scheme to certify their work complies with Building Regulations and standards. These permits OFTEC registered businesses and technicians to undertake specific work without submitting a building control notice and forego the need for Local Authority Inspection. The OFTEC registered technician or business will then issue you, the customer with a certificate that the work has been carried out to the required standard. The registered business or technician will then notify OFTEC of the work completed who in turn notify the Local Authority Building Control Department.  A requirement of OFTEC registration is all registered technicians must have been assessed, tested and hold a valid OFTEC certificate of competence in the areas of oil work carried out.  Certification and registration is valid for five years after which a technician is re-assessed and a new certificate of competence is issued.


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Which Plastic Oil Tank Should I Install?

Article provided on behalf of OFTEC

Due to the need to avoid pollution incidents and protect the environment, Which plastic oil tank should i installOFTEC insists that oil heating technicians only install plastic oil storage tanks that have been tested and confirmed to meet to European Standard EN13341 2005 +A1 2011.

Since June 2013, under the Construction Product Regulations (CPR), it has been a legal requirement in all European member states (including the UK and the Republic of Ireland) for every new plastic oil tank to have its own “Declaration of Performance”, which is evidence that the tank meets with required standards.

Installers are reminded that the CPR places legal obligations on everyone within the supply chain to ensure that information is passed on so as to allow the person making the specification to confirm that the product is fit for its intended use. 
In 2014 OFTEC verified compliance with these regulations amongst its own plastic tank manufacturing members, and were satisfied that the legal requirements were met. These members are:

Carbery Plastics Ltd
Clarehill Plastics Ltd (T/A Harlequin)
Kingspan Environmental Ltd (T/A Atlas; Deso; PC Roto Moulding; and Titan).

Subsequently OFTEC made enquires with tank manufacturers not in its membership Oftec logo which plastic oil tank should i installabout compliance with CPR.  Tuffa UK Ltd have assured OFTEC that they do comply although their Declarations of Performance have not been verified. Rototek Ltd (T/A 3 C Trading Ltd) has demonstrated to OFTEC that their Declarations of Performance are valid for their oil tanks.

Despite repeated requests, the following companies have not provided any evidence that their tanks comply with the CPR:
Drayton Tank and Accessories Ltd
Envirostore UK Ltd
Etills Ltd (also T/A Ecosure)
Platinum Tanks Ltd
Polytank Group Ltd



Solid Fuel Registration Adds Power to Derbyshire Heating Business

Solid Fuel Registration Adds Power to Derbyshire Heating Business OFTEC LOGONeil Edmunds, owner of Climate & Power Ltd in Belper, Derbyshire, recently joined OFTEC’s Competent Person’s Scheme (CPS) for solid fuel heating installations – a move which he says will help the business capitalise on this buoyant and growing market.

“I established the business back in 2010 and have always been OFTEC registered for the oil work we do. At the end of last year, myself and one of the three technicians I employ, also registered with OFTEC for solid fuel installations. “We had previously been with another competent person scheme for solid fuel work but because we were already registered with OFTEC, adding solid fuel was so easy with very little administration and the cost savings were huge.

“The solid fuel market, particularly for dry wood burning stoves, is pretty buoyant. We are working with a lot of existing customers with oil heating who have decided to install a stove to complement and boost their existing systems. Also builders who want to add wood burners into new builds as a design feature. There’s a lot a great new technologies out there that really do work and provide effective solutions for homeowners.

“As a business our aim is to always provide the right advice for each customer to ensure they end up with the best heating solution for their nSolid Fuel Registration Adds Power to Derbyshire Heating Business 2eeds. By taking out OFTEC’s solid fuel registration, along with the oil and renewable expertise we offer, we can now cater for whatever our customers want. we’ve invested in quality registration as it’s so important that people talk to and employ fully qualified and vetted technicians otherwise they could find themselves with a heating system which doesn’t work properly. Combining honest advice with high quality, professional work is what we’ve built the business on and it works for us. My ambition is to grow the business and take on more staff. Expanding out into growth markets such as solid fuel is a key part of the plan  going forward.”



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